Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End - Davy Jones 1:9 Scale Figure - Beast Kingdom

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''Do you fear death?''

One of Disney’s most exciting live action series introduced movie goers to pirates, captains, and beings from the depths of the Seven Seas!

A regular in the Pirates of The Caribbean series was captain Davey Jones, a pirate with a striking story, which rivaled the most famous in the series! After falling in love with the sea goddess Calypso, who instructed Davey to carry the souls of the dead to the next world, Davey Jones decided to abandon his duties and instead take the Flying Dutchman battle ship on a path of war! Consumed by the sea, Davey developed monstrous features, including claws and tentacles giving him an appearance somewhere between an octopus and a crab! With his enslaved crew at hand, Davey Jones is an epic and formidable character that constantly clashes with Jack Sparrow as well as the British Royal Navy!

Beast Kingdom’s ‘Entertainment Experience Brand’ launches the latest DAH (Dynamic 8ction Heroes) with the wildly popular Davey Jones character, accompanying the previous launch of Jack Sparrow.

Recreating the intricate, monstrous design of the character, every detail including the underwater appearance of Davey is recreated. Multi-layered painting makes the slimy, moss-ridden clothing with barnacles pop into real life. 20 points of points of articulation combined with a host of accessories such as the broadsword, cane, and the Dead Man’s Chest gives fans ample ways to pose this DAH figure. For fans of the classic Pirates of the Caribbean Davy Jones character this is one figure ready to take his place next to the DAH Jack Sparrow in the depths of the Caribbean oceans!

Included Accessories:
- 20 points of articulation
- Replaceable captain’s coat and right arm, made of PVC
- Removable captain’s hat
- Davy Jones broadsword
- Sheath for sword
- Dead Man’s Chest (Chest can be opened)
- Removable cane
- One pipe
- Three (3) replaceable right hands (cane-holding hand, sword-holding hand and grip hand)
- Special, branded figure base with bracket

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