Star Wars: A New Hope - Elite Tusken Raider 1:10 Scale Statue - Attakus

Productnr.: ATTSW063

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Long awaited in the Elite range, the Tusken and the Gamorrean Guard finally arrive in 1:10 scale at Attakus!

Also known as Sand People or simply Tuskens, the Tusken Raiders are a nomadic indigenous people who roam the desert of Tatooine, blending into the landscape to remain invisible. Very hostile to local settlers, they are dressed in large cloaks, covering themselves completely to survive in their harsh environment. Their heads are completely covered with bandages, and are equipped with a moisture trap and a breathing filter. They are armed with a Gaderffi Staff with a poisonous blade. Their first appearance in the Star Wars universe was in the first movie, ''A New Hope''.

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