Sariah the goddess of War 1:12 Scale Action Figure - ARH Statues

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The most merciless and cruel of Asag's three daughters, Sariah is the commander of all armies of Hell. Adored in the Lands Below and feared by humankind, Sariah is the mightiest deity ever spawn from Hell. A dutiful daughter of the God of the Underworld, Sariah is the Goddess who blessed Arkhalla with the warrior's might. Unrivaled in physical combat and unstoppable in battle, Sariah is not only ruthless but a sharp tactician in warfare.
Brilliantly represented in this fantastic 1:12th scale action figure, Sariah, the Goddess of war, is the third character in the Undying Queen series by ARH ComiX.

Packing List:
- 1 X TBLeague 1:12 female seamless body with metal skeleton
- 1 X head sculpt
- 3 pairs X interchangeable hands
- 1 x neck armor integrated cloak
- 1 pair x arm rings
- 1 pair x skull style shoulder armors
- 1 x chest armor
- 1 pair x forearm armors
- 1 pair x leg armors
- 1 x belt with skull decoration
- 1 x fur panties
- 1 x helmet
- 1 x long sword
- 1 pair x shoes
- 1 x shield
- 1 x Base with bracket

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