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Next in the line of threezero's collectible figure collection of the hit Netflix series, Stranger Things, comes 1:6 Vecna (Season 4), who takes center stage as the main villain from the fourth season!

Standing at approximately 12.5'' (32cm) tall, 1:6 Vecna (Season 4) features a fully-articulated 1:6 original body with approximately 36 points of articulation. This collectible figure showcases highly precise sculpted details and weathering effects, effectively capturing the powerful and menacing presence of Vecna. The humanoid monster is brought to life with protruded roots and vines crawling all over its pale-colored flesh, adding to its eerie and otherworldly nature. Its lifelike head sculpt features horrifying eyes with an unnerving stare, intensifying the unsettling atmosphere.

The figure includes five interchangeable hands. Alongside the normal hand shapes, it also features two unique hand shapes where Vecna's fingers are exceptionally long, extending from large and distorted hands, as if reaching towards his victims.

- Approximately 12.5'' (32cm) tall
- Fully-articulated 1:6 original body
- Approximately 36 points of articulation
- Lifelike head sculpt
- Highly precise sculpted detail with weathering effect

- Five (5) interchangeable hands
- One (1) Right Fist (normal hand shape)
- One (1) Right Relax hand (normal hand shape)
- One (1) Right Open hand, palm pointing forward (normal hand shape)
- One (1) Left Relax hand (strange hand shape)
- One (1) Left Grab hand (strange hand shape)

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