Spy x Family: Loid Forger 1:6 Scale Figure - Threezero

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Threezero's SPY×FAMILY 1:6 scale figure series falls under the FigZero product line, known for its highly-poseable anime figures with detailed sculpts and tailored outfits that bring to life the recognizable character designs as seen in the beloved anime series.

FigZero 1:6 Loid Forger is approximately 12'' (31.2 cm) tall, and is a fully-articulated 1:6-scale collectible figure made of ABS, PVC, and POM plastics with 32 points of articulation and fabric textiles.

FigZero 1:6 Loid Forger's costume features his iconic suit, comprising a white shirt, red necktie, vest, jacket, pants, and shoes. Additionally, the costume includes his glasses and wristwatch. Other accessories consist of a pistol, newspaper, two interchangeable faceplates (one with a default expression and one with a smiling face), as well as four sets of interchangeable hands for creating dynamic action poses.

- Approximately 12'' (~31.2cm) tall
- Approximately 32 points of articulation
- Costume made of a combination of fabric and plastic parts
- Various accessories provided for different poses

- One (1) pc of white shirt
- One (1) pc of red necktie
- One (1) pc of suit vest
- One (1) pc of suit jacket
- One (1) pair of suit pants
- One (1) pair of shoes
- One (1) pair of glasses
- One (1) pc of wristwatch

- One (1) pc of pistol
- One (1) pc of newspaper
- Two (2) interchangeable face parts: one (1) face with the default expression, and one (1) smiling face
- Four (4) sets of interchangeable hands: one (1) pair of relaxed hands, one (1) pair of fists, one (1) pistol holding right hand, and one (1) newspaper holding left hand

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