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Threezero is proud to present the 1/6 scale collectible action figure of the popular The Walking Dead villain, Philip Blake, also known as The Governor.

The charismatic leader of the seemingly utopian town of Woodbury, The Governor plays the role of stern, but just, leader—a hero and source of confidence and hope to the people he protects. But the role he plays and the man he truly is are two very different things. Beneath his well-meaning facade is a man capable of acts of violence and dread that could make even a Walker's skin crawl.

The 1/6 The Governor collectible figure from AMC’s The Walking Dead stands approximately 12 inches (approx. 32cm) tall with a fully-articulated body, mixed-medium materials, signature weathered clothing, and highly-detailed sculpt featuring realistic likeness to the character as portrayed by the talented David Morrissey in the television series.

• 12 inch (32cm) tall fully-articulated figure
• Tailored costume
• Weathered paint details
• Realistic head sculpt with authentic likeness

• Shirt
• Coat
• Faux-leather Jacket
• Brown belt
• Black belt
• Jeans
• Boots

• One pistol with holster
• One sub-machine gun with strap
• One knife with sheath
• One katanaAccessories:
• One wrist watch
• Exchangeable hands:
- One pair of relaxed hands
- One pair of fists
- One pair for holding guns hands
- One pair for holding melee weapons hands

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