Berserk: Femto - The Falcon of Darkness Statue - Prime 1 Studio

N. prodotto: P1SUPMBR06

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"This is the path I have traveled. To get what I wanted... If I apologize, if I repent...everything will come to an end. I will never get to reach that place." - Griffith

Prime 1 Studio is proud to present 1/4 Scale UPMBR-06: Femto, The Falcon of Darkness from Berserk (Manga). As the leader of the previous Band of the Falcon. His undying desire to obtain his own kingdom compels him to sacrifice his comrades during the Fifth Eclipse, for kinsmanship with the God Hand as their fifth member Femto a demonic, idealized version of himself stripped of his empathy and human inhibitions. Griffith is the current leader of the Reborn Band of the Falcon and Supreme Commander of the Midland Regular Army. Femto stands approximately 68cm height tall and this is a must-have for all Berserk fans.

Statue features: - Size approximately 27 inches tall [(H)68.2cm (W)51.9cm (D)50.5cm]- One (1) Crimson Beherit with base stand (For Exclusive version only)

Edition Size: - Regular Version: TBA- Exclusive Version: 750

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