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'You want to lay so much as a finger on this place, you'll have to go through me first.'

Sideshow presents the Hulkbuster Fine Art Print by artists Erwin Papa and Fabian Schlaga.

Suit up with Iron Man in this detailed original illustration of Tony Stark's highly intuitive Hulkbuster armor assembling around him. Uniquely designed to combat the green gamma power of the Hulk himself, this gargantuan Iron Man suit is a technical marvel, consisting of hundreds of mechanical pieces interlocking around the golden Avenger in preparation for an epic battle. As clouds of exhaust and dust kick up around the Hulkbuster, the glow of Tony Stark's arc reactor activates the armor and brings this intricate composition to life.

Each Hulkbuster Fine Art Print features two authorized, automated artist signatures as well as an embossed Seal of Authenticity as a part of the limited edition of 400 pieces. This incredible Marvel Comics art collectible is an absolute must-have for any Iron Man fan!

Upgrade your art collection with the Hulkbuster Fine Art Print by Erwin Papa and Fabian Schlaga today.

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