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First 4 Figures is proud to introduce their latest statue collectible, Solid Snake Grand-Scale Bust. This is the first statue to release in the all-new Metal Gear Solid Busts lineup.

This Solid Snake bust is a realistic recreation of the Legendary Mercenary himself, from the anatomically accurate facial features and details to the strokes and strands of his hair, and even the textures and stitching of his bandana and suit. The design of the base is inspired by the metal computers found in the Metal Gear Solid game and has weathering effects on it to reflect the harsh military conditions it's been in. The front panel is the screen of the computer and has the Metal Gear Solid logo on it!

Metal Gear Solid - Solid Snake Grand-Scale Bust (Standard Edition) comes with following:
- Metal Gear Solid - Solid Snake Grand-Scale Bust resin statue
- Highly detailed base inspired by the Metal Gear Solid art style
- Metal Gear Solid logo computer screen
- Limited edition numbering and Authentication Card

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ExpectedArrival_String Q2 2024

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