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'My every moment is spent in either dealing out death or worshipping it!'

Sideshow presents the Thanos Bust, ready to conquer your Marvel collectibles.

The Thanos Bust measures 10.5 inch tall as the Mad Titan brandishes the legendary Infinity Gauntlet before a trembling universe. At his back, a cloaked Mistress Death wears a skeletal smile as the souls of those killed by the infamous 'snap' swirl around the base of the bust.

The polyresin Thanos Bust features a fully sculpted costume and detailed paint application inspired by his iconic comic book appearance. The ruthless Mad Titan has a grimacing purple portrait with cosmic red fury radiating from his eyes as he wields the ultimate power in the Marvel Universe. His intricate gold armor and Infinity Gauntlet are detailed with rune-covered plates, and the six gemlike Infinity Stones - representing Mind, Power, Space, Reality, Soul, and Time - glisten in his almighty grasp.

Shake your Marvel collection to its core and bring home the Thanos Bust today.

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