Harry Potter: Halloween Version 1:6 Scale Accessories Pack - Star Ace

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Star Ace Toys brings Halloween to the Wizarding World with Halloween versions of the most popular 1:6 scale figures from Harry Potter. Flying bats (with wire supports), a bag of treats, and a stack of Jack O'Lanterns will make an exciting Hogwarts Halloween display. A large Jack O'Lantern can also be used as a substitute head for a spooky holiday disguise and another Jack O'Lantern sits on a light-up base for a haunting good time.

The Halloween Accessories Pack includes:
One (1) figure stand.
Bag of Halloween treats.
Stack of 3 pumpkins.
Two (2) flying bats on wires.
Jack O'Lantern alternate head.
Jack O'Lantern on a light up base.

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