DC Comics: Batman Ninja Movie - Deluxe War Batman 1:6 Scale Figure - Star Ace

DC Comics: Batman Ninja Movie - Deluxe War Batman 1:6 Scale Figure - Star Ace

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The 1/6th scale Batman Ninja collectible figure features:
1/6 scale body (approximately 30 cm tall) with over 30 points of articulation.

Fully realized authentic likeness of Batman Ninja in the animated movie: Batman Ninja (2018). Each head is specially hand painted and features detailed skin texture and an accurate facial expression.

One (1) Batman Ninja (Ninja version) calm expression head.
One (1) Batman Ninja (War version) fierce expression head (Deluxe version only).

One (1) pair of open hands.
One (1) pair of fists.
One (1) pair of hands for holding batarang & Kunai.
One (1) Right hand for holding sword.
One (1) Left hand for holding sword (Deluxe version only).
One (1) pair of Ninja pose hands (Deluxe version only).

One (1) Batman Battle suit & pants.
One (1) pair of forearm armor.
One (1) pair of shin armor.
One (1) Waist armor.
One (1) waist armor.
One (1) Black Mantle.
One (1) pair of shoes.
One (1) pair of shoulder armor (Deluxe version only).
One (1) War version chest armor (Deluxe version only).
One (1) pair of Thigh Plate (Deluxe version only).
Three (3) piece of war Version waist plate (Deluxe version only).

Two (2) Batarang.
Two (2) Kunai.
One (1) sword and sheath.
Additional (1) sword sheath for war version (Deluxe version only).

Figure Stand.

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