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Prime 1 Studio and Harmony Gold are proud to present PMRT-03: VF-1S Skull Leader Battloid Mode from Robotech Saga.

The VF-1S 'Skull Leader' is a unique fighter based on a prototype platform of the VF-1 specially designed for commanding officers of Veritech squadrons. Only a dozen of these units had been manufactured by the time the Zentraedi attacked Macross Island in 2009. The prototype number 001 (also known as Skull One) was the last known surviving VF-1S aboard the SDF-1. It miraculously survived through several years of battle and was never destroyed, making it a symbol of humankind's invincibility.

The VF-1S Skull Leader statue stands about 26.4 inches tall with the Fast Pack Armor equipped and can be display without it. This is the must-have piece for all Robotech fans.

Product Specifications:
Statue Size approx. 26.4 inches tall with Fast Pack Armor [H:67.1 cm W:37.5 cm D:48 cm].
One (1) designed base.
One (1) Fast Pack Armor Set.
LED light-up function on head.

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