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''Welcome to Jurassic Park'' - John Hammond

Prime 1 Studio is proud to bring you one of the iconic moments in Jurassic Park history and our newest Prime Collectible Figure. P1SPCFJP03: 1/38 Scale Brachiosaurus from the 1993 legendary film: Jurassic Park.

Brachiosaurus is member of the sauropod family and one of the more popular dinosaurs that reigned during the Jurassic period. It is an herbivorous dino that moves in powerful herds and bellows as it traverses. Only a starving or insane carnivore would attack such a huge mountain of muscle. Always commanding presence as a something you could not look away from.

We have been inspired by the very famous 'Welcome to Jurassic Park' Scene from the movie and have crafted this Brachiosaurus with meticulous attention to detail. Notice the coloration from its belly to its back. It's very long neck, nothing short of breathtaking. Line this up with our other Prime Collectible Jurassic Park Figures to further expand your collection! A must have for any Dino or Jurassic Park fan!!

Product Specifications:
- Statue Size approx. 13.5 inches tall & 13 inches wide [H: 35cm W: 34.8cm D: 17.3cm]
- One (1) designed theme base

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