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Harley Quinn is a unique character in the DC Universe, she is a villain but deep inside there’s still some good in her. She was a phychiatrist at Arkham Asylum, who fell in love with Joker during curing him and decided to become a super villain like him. She then became a member of Suicide Squad, which is a team made up of super villains that deals with unknown lethal threats.

For this bust, we adopted platinum silicone to make her skin and customized ocular prosthesis to recreate her eyes. On the skin, we never forget her tattoo and makeup. Her expression looks confident and fearless, holding a bat and a revolver in her hand and getting ready for battle.

Limited to 400 pieces worldwide.

Materials: Poly Stone, platinum silicone, high temperature fiber, PVC, metal, wood, leather

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ExpectedArrival_String Q3 2022

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