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Introduced in the Iron Man #118 comic in 1979, War Machine has proved himself a capable hero and loyal friend, someone who is reliable and faithfully patriotic throughout his comic run. He has assisted Tony Stark in countless near-death situations, put himself on the line to save the world, and eventually became a superhero on his own.

Returning to the original paint scheme inspired by the comic pages, Sideshow and Hot Toys are excited to bring War Machine as the new 1:6 scale diecast collectible figure with crystal armor to extend on The Origins Collection.

The highly detailed diecast War Machine figure based on his appearance in Marvel Comics features a newly developed helmet head with LED light-up function: sophisticated armor design in matte black and metallic silver: clear crystal armor covering upper chest to waist: LED light-up Arc Reactor on chest and palms: back-mounted weapons such as machine gun and rifle gun: also a figure stand.

Pick up the special War Machine figure today to show off your marvelous collection!

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