Looney Tunes: Sylvester and Tweety White Marble Statue - Soap Studios

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Tik Ka from East x Warner Bros x Soap Studio have linked up once again for a new collection due to the great success last year. The previous collaboration mixing the Eastern and Western attributes has made a splash and has run out of stock in a really short period. The new collection ascends the art piece to a higher plane of existence by applying the concept of white marble.

The approximately 28 cm high Sylvester and Tweety is made of resin. The highlight of the sculpture manifests the concept of meditation by imitated marble's vein. The intertwining and blending of the grey vein with the white surface have made every sculpture unique and collectible. Each comes with a Tik Ka from East autographed certificate with an unique number on it. This limited edition is limited to 188 pieces worldwide.

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