Mortal Kombat Mileena 1:3 Statue - Pop Culture Shock Collectibles

Mortal Kombat Mileena 1:3 Statue - Pop Culture Shock Collectibles

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Let us dance!' After the first Mortal Kombat game became a cultural phenomenon, Midway knew they had to up the ante for it’s eagerly anticipated follow-up. The mythology they created had resulted in many dynamic characters, but none intrigued gamers more than their Blue and Yellow Ninjas. One thing was clear. Mortal Kombat II needed more where Scorpion and Sub-Zero came from. And so it was that in 1993 millions of swooning fans were introduced to the their female counterparts, Kitana, Princess of Edenia, and Mileena, her evil twin. John Tobias and Ed Boon had done it again. While her sister Kitana is practically unstoppable in the hands of seasoned players, Mileena’s lightning speed, rapid sai-throwing and teleport attacks in MKII lead to quick consensus about who was the true Queen of the Hill, with at least a half-dozen gaming publications ranking her #1 overall. Beyond potentially being the best player in the game, of any sex, she is also one of the most central. As damaged mentally as she is deformed physically, Mileena’s animalistic rage could only be tempered by Shao Kahn, who used her salacious nature to lure their enemies like lambs to slaughter. She is his 'True Daughter' and successor to the throne of Outworld. But it was not always thus, as her story begins as an homage to the Greek tale of Eros and Psyche. Having murdered her father, the King of Edenia, Shao Kahn decided to raise the infant Kitana as his own, training her to become his personal assassin. As his love for his adopted child grew stronger, so too did his paranoia that she would someday discover her true heritage, and his fear that she would turn against him because of it. His solution was to create a back-up daughter, a clone genetically coded for loyalty. He tasked the sorcerer Shang Tsung to make a Kitana that would never abandon him. And, as long as he was tweaking her anyway, a ruthlessness befitting the elite killer she was destined to become. To accomplish this, Shang Tsung fused the girl’s essence with the physiology of a deadly Tarkatan warrior, but his efforts were imperfect, resulting instead in the emergence of a disfigured hybrid from his fleshpits. Naming her Mileena, Shao Kahn decided to raise the two girls together, introducing her to Kitana as her long-lost twin. Kahn cruelly fostered jealousy in the clone by favoring her 'real girl' sister, the better to hone a vicious brutality. And just as he feared, came the time Kitana learned of her parentage and aligned with Earthrealm against him as a result, Mileena eagerly obeyed his orders to stop her hated rival at any cost. Based on her appearance in Mortal Kombat X, Mileena is now the sole surviving heir of Shao Kahn and vying for the throne of Outworld, as reflected in her display base of glowing molten lava. Her fuchsia halter top and apron are constructed from real fabric, her pair of sharpened metal dagger-like sais covered in the blood of Kotal Kahn’s followers. And of course she comes with two heads, John Tobias’ take on the Veil Myth, one masked and one with a Tarkatan mouth bulging with over-sized teeth. Fair warning, she is a polystone rendering so sensual it’s bound to leave observers with confusing thoughts.



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40cm x 50cm x 71cm   (LxWxH )
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