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Infinity Studio X Penguin Toys

In The Dark Knight in 2008, Heath Ledger performed as an untraceable, unpredictable but charming Joker with his extraordinary acting, and this Joker is beloved by countless audience.

The legends will never fade and now Infinity Studio is honored to bring this super villain to real life with our Silicone bust series! By using the latest official data, we achieved highest level of accuracy that has never been, even the material of Joker’s outfit is same to original movie. LED unit is planted in the base, and make the hole looks like a Batman’s signal or a bloody Joker smile.

The accessories including his knife and 'Joker mask' are all come with the bust, both could be set in his left hand. Every element of this bust is haunted by uncertainties and chaos, but- ''Why so serious?''

Limited edition of 500 pcs worldwide.

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