Evangelion New Theatrical Edition: Evangelion Prototype-00 Robo-Dou Accessory Pack - Three A Toys

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From the anime film 'Evangelion: New Theatrical Edition', ROBO-DOU Evangelion Accessory Pack.

The Accessory Pack includes an Evangelion Restraint / Transport Platform, an EM-226 440mm Gatling Gun, and a Spear of Cassius. The platform has fixtures to attach to Evangelion's shoulders and forearms, which are compatible with threezero's already-released ROBO-DOU Evangelion figures. The Gatling Gun has rotating barrels and removable magazine. Let’s gear up your Evangelion Test Type-01 to the next level!

This merchandise does not include Evangelion action figure.
Materials: ABS, PVC, POM

- One (1) Evangelion Restraint / Transport Platform
- One (1) EM-226 440mm Gatling Gun (with rotary barrels and removable magazine)
- One (1) Spear of Cassius

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