Spare Parts Vinyl Figure by Ian MacDonald - Sideshow Toys


Spare Parts Vinyl Figure by Ian MacDonald - Sideshow Toys

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Is there a doctor in the house? Let us be frank: The Spare Parts designer toy by Ian MacDonald may have a few screws loose, but he's got an electrifying personality.

Artist Statement: The Monsters pieces were an exciting opportunity to play with style, shapes, and design that more realistic Sideshow pieces I work on don't always allow. The fact that they're a Sideshow Originals property meant I was free to explore, giving the classic monsters a fun, stylized look and feel that I hope sets them apart from other vinyl statues. A big challenge in the process was to keep them all recognizable in their silhouettes so at a glance you could tell who's who, and we went through lots of iterations before landing on the final four. I'd like to thank [Unruly Project Manager] Erik Scoggan for the opportunity to work on this, and also give credit to Joe Menna for the amazing sculpts!

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