Cowboy Bebop: Jet Black Statue - First 4 Figures

Cowboy Bebop: Jet Black Statue - First 4 Figures


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First 4 Figures is proud to present the highly anticipated Cowboy Bebop Jet Black statue.

Jet Black was a former investigator for the Intra Solar System Police (ISSP) before entering the life of a bounty hunter. Also known as 'Black Dog' for his ferocity against criminals (as if he were a rabid dog latched onto his victims), his tenacity to hunt down culprits knows no bounds. What he lacks in combat technique he makes up for with sheer brawn, and his weapon of choice is his trusty sidearm, the Walther P99.

Jet loses his left arm from a very destructive bullet, but thankfully survives, and ultimately decides to have it replaced with a cybernetic limb instead of undergoing cell regeneration to have it serve as a permanent reminder of what happened.

It is then that he becomes a bounty hunter, purchasing and pimping a fishing vessel, which he names the Bebop as an homage to his love for blues and jazz music, meeting the rest of the crew along his journey.

Cowboy Bebop - Jet Black Standard edition comes with the following:

- Cowboy Bebop – Jet Black RESIN statue
- Highly detailed base capturing the theme & style from the Cowboy Bebop anime
- Authentication Card

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