Date A Live II: Kurumi Tokisaki PVC Statue - Kotobukiya

Date A Live II: Kurumi Tokisaki PVC Statue - Kotobukiya

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Kotobukiya proudly presents Kurumi Tokisaki from Date A Live II in a beautiful new Pvc Statue! Kurumi lies alluringly in her black tights and lacy black clothes. Beautifully sculpted in 1/7 scale, Kurumi is 7 in tall as she lies seductively on her side. Kurumi's red ribbons bring out the red in her right eye, and contrast with the clock face in her left eye.Kurumi is the third Spirit that appears in the series, and the most brutal. Her Astral Dress, Elohim, is made out of crimson and black frills, giving her the appearance of a Gothic Lolita. Her left eye is an inorganic clock face, representing her remaining time (essentially measuring how much life she has left.) Although she is prone to killing people without a second thought, she has so far only killed humans who are doing bad things such as surrounding and hassling her when she wanted to be left alone. She cares for animals a lot, such as when she killed four guys who were shooting a kitten with air guns by making them the targets for her guns.Date A Live  is a Japanese light novel series written by Kooshi Tachibana and illustrated by Tsunako. An anime adaptation series aired on TV from April 6 to June 22, 2013. Each episode was streamed in lower quality on Niconico a week before its TV premiere. Following the end of the first season, a second season was announced, titled Date A Live II, which began airing from April 11 to June 13, 2014. A theatrical film adaptation has been announced.

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