Marvel: Super Deadpool Artfx 1:6 Scale PVC Statue - Kotobukiya

Marvel: Super Deadpool Artfx 1:6 Scale PVC Statue - Kotobukiya

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2017's Super Deadpool is making a return to Kotobukiya's ARTFX series!

Kotobukiya's ARTFX series has brought to life a variety of popular characters from comics and movies in the form of highly detailed 1/6 scale statues, and the latest character to come back to the lineup is a reproduction of 2017's Super Deadpool!

A mercenary who is proficient with any bladed weapon or firearm and yet petrified of death, Wade Wilson underwent a variety of changes when he was injected with an artificial version of Wolverine's healing factor. Although he was able to beat his cancer, the mercenary underwent a psychological change that transformed him into one of the most dangerous heroes, Deadpool!

Sculpted in an aggressive combat pose, this 1/6 scale rendition of the boisterous hero stands just over a foot tall. Deadpool stands atop a rusted catwalk base that evokes the atmosphere of a battle inside an abandoned factory plant. The statue also comes with an assortment of the hero's favorite weapons, with holsters for his katanas, three handguns, and the knife he keeps in the sheath on his right leg, as well as interchangeable hand parts allowing him to hold the weapons. On top of all of that, the statue also comes with a flag part for the barrel of the gun, a hand grenade with the Deadpool mark, and ''pew pew'' hand parts.

Don't miss your chance to your hands on this generous reproduction of this history-making ARTFX statue!

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