Purgatori: Purgatori 1:12 Scale Action Figure - ARH Statues


Purgatori: Purgatori 1:12 Scale Action Figure - ARH Statues

Productnr.: ARHPL2019159



Born into slavery in ancient Egypt, in the time of the Pharaohs, Sakkara met an ancient vampire named Rath, who transformed her into the deadly and powerful Purgatori. Now, the deadly Sorceress straddles the line between good and evil in the never-ending battle of CHAOS! On Earth.

Packing List:
1 x head sculpt.
1 x TBLeague 1:12 female seamless body with metal skeleton.
3 pairs x interchangeable hands.
1 x bikini top.
1 x bikini bottom.
1 pair x shoulder armors.
1 pair x thigh high boots.
1 pair x open wings.
1 pair x folded wings.
1 x blood goblet.
1 pair x wrist armors.
1 pair x sleeves.
1 pair x bracelets.
1 x necklace.
1 x serpentine sword.
1 x skull belt.

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Verwachte binnenkomst Q1 2020

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